Founders – Dee & Julia

Dee Dogar brings to Calgary Child’s Play her background in professional childcare. Trained in the UK with experience in various child care settings in the UK and Spain; from full day cares, crèche, pre-school, infant school and holiday clubs. Dee is very community minded in her outlook wherever she has lived whether in urban UK or rural Spain. Dee calls Canada ‘home’ these days, married, raising 2 bilingual daughters and a dog called Scruffy rescued from the streets of Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Julia Davies Dawson is a sociologist and a not for profit specialist in the areas of child learning disabilities, health and community development with experience in small business ownership. Also from the UK originally, Julia has been a proud new Canadian since her late teens, having lived in Ontario and now Calgary. Julia has 3 children, two of which are twins, so she has a special interest in the joys and challenges of family life with multiples.

Dee and Julia both bring very similar passions to their work: community, connection, family and parenting. A joint venture in public/private partnerships is a very logical and exciting step for Dee and Julia. Both hope to bring a fresh, innovative idea on out of school child care to Calgary.