St. Margaret


St. Margaret

We are an accredited site that offers Before and After School care, as well as an Extended Kindergarten program. In the mornings and after school, we utilize the library for our School Age program, and the Kindergarten program is housed in our main room.

We start our days off with quiet indoor activities, followed by outside play until the 8:30am bell rings for school. The majority of the group then leaves for school, and the PM Kindergartens remain outside until 9am. They then come in for snack, followed by a brief lesson that goes into their individual portfolio, such as an “All About Me” activity for September.

Our bilingual staff then leads a short Spanish lesson to help enforce what the children are learning in their Kindergarten class. The staff then guide the children through an art, science, or sensory activity before another short outdoor time before lunch with all of the Kindergartens at 11:20am, when the morning class joins us. The PM Kindergartens then go to school for 12:20pm, and the AM Kindergartens go through the same activities as in the morning.

At 3pm, the Grade 1-6’s come from their classes to the library, and are assigned to groups for different activities or free play centres. The Kindergartens who are in After School care are offered different activities and free play choices until outdoor play time at 4pm.

If the weather is good, we stay outside until the majority of the children have been picked up. Once the group moves back inside, quiet activities are offered until we close at 6pm.

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Address: 3320 Carol Drive NW, Calgary, AB

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