Kindergarten Extended Care Program

Our kindergarten-age childcare program provides your child with a qualified teacher/child care professional who moves your child’s care and development from their school classroom setting to our on site or co-located childcare service to extend their day in a fun and positive way.

Children participate in circle time, story time, snack times, as well as in a wide variety of arts and crafts, recreational and outdoor activities and games. Where possible we will have a French and/or Spanish speaking staff member or visiting instructor to enhance 2nd or 3rd language learning. Children will be encouraged to express their needs around taking quiet or rest times. We work with the school to echo and extend themes from their formal schooling curriculum into our enriched care environment.

Will it fit well with my child’s Classroom learning and their school day experience?
We will regularly liaise with your child’s school kindergarten teacher so that we may fit around their themes. We can then extend some areas/theme – such as having the opportunity to do a craft the teacher would like to undertake with the students but curriculum and time demands do not allow e.g. the Environment theme in school could become our “ Beautiful Junk Play and Modelling” in CCP Programme Planning.

What will we do in Calgary Child’s Play Extended Care Kindergarten?
Here are examples of elements or activities we will have in our Kindergarten Programme Planning – it will be play-based and your child will be encouraged to participate. As a childcare service our outcomes include fun and safety so anyone who does not wish to participate will be guided to other activities by our Play Leaders and Assistants.

– Colours and shapes
– Listening to stories
– Drawing, printing and colouring
– Singing songs and developing pitch
– Reciting the alphabet
– Beginning to recognize and print upper case letters
– Learning basic phonics
– Recognizing and printing numbers from 1-20
– Recognizing and printing own name
– Distinguishing sets of more, less, same
– Storytelling
– Demonstrating left to right progression
– Repeating and creating rhythmic patterns
– Understanding sequence
– Reciting poetry

All of our core principles of planning – e.g. opportunities for indoor and outdoor free play, quiet time, remain vital to our service. The list of skills you have just read through relate to kindergarten and are blended with our core activities – your child may not be aware they are being given the opportunity to acquire, enhance or practice these skill sets! Most importantly, students at the Kindergarten level develop an appreciation and love of learning all whilst having fun.

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