“I like going [to Calgary Child’s Play] because I get to play with all my friends. I like the really neat crafts we get to do, and the baton twirling.”

–Sophia (Age 7)

“We are so grateful for Calgary Child’s Play Inc for so many reasons. The program quality is outstanding – the kids get to engage in so many creative and physical activities (like Zumba, Magic Shows, Baton Twirling, etc.). As a parent, I like that the daily schedule is written on the board so that I am kept in the ‘loop’ with what my daughter is doing. I love that the program is situated next to Westgate School.

Many of my daughter’s friends attend the program – sometimes I can’t get her to leave and come home she is having so much fun! My younger daughter is so excited to be attending the kindergarten program in the fall – she sees how much fun her bigger sister is having and wants to attend too! My thanks to Dee and Julia for offering such a high quality, enriching child care program.”


“I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I am very very happy with the program, it looks/sounds excellent, I am so happy Isabella has the opportunity to learn and enjoy such great activities. I love them.

I congratulate you on the time spent to prepare all these activities and encourage you to keep going, I am very happy with the program.”


“Both of you were extremely approachable, we met on many occasions to develop plans, discuss permits required, spaces available and how best to meet our community needs. You also made yourselves available at family nights at the school, set up displays and provided information to parents on several occasions.

I wish you well on your next school.”

— Joy, Principal, CSSD Elementary School

Repsonses from kids and parents at last year’s summer camp when asked them ‘what did your child enjoy best?’

‘baton twirling, craft making, out door play”
“the quality of the activities and crafts”
“the themes”
“the treasure hunt!”
“I loved everything!”
“art and cooking!”
“my child told me it was a great week – he had lots of fun”
“do you guys always work this hard?!”
“I wish I could come to your camp!” (said by a parent)
“he couldn’t name a thing he didn’t enjoy!!”