Out of school Care Programs

‘Calgary Child’s Play believe that PLAY is a very important aspect of a child’s day. Play is the work of the children; and our teams are here to support that!
Our trained Playworkers are on hand to ensure that children are able to freely choose activities, and to ensure children have a positive play experience with a variety of hands on activities and social interactions with adults and peers, fostering the development of young children and to help them understand the world around them’.

We use the Playwork Principles to guide our leaders to plan curriculum to fit each childs needs and desires and to promote creativity, critical thinking, freedom of choice and allow children free time to recover after a full day of school.

We commit to working with schools to mirror their themes and initiatives, become active in their community and build relationships.

Our days are not overly scheduled, but have a routine to ensure children are comfortable with their space and expectations.

We have lots of outdoor time, and we wont always use a fixed structured play equipment, as this only offers one or 2 types of play, instead we play games, use water, loose parts such as cardboard boxes, material, rope, tyres and general ‘scrap’, as we find children can be their most creative without prescriptive toys.

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